La estocada final del USD al SGD


We know perfectly well that no president has the power to move a currency … Even if you don’t believe it, you don’t have it, “you do as you have it”; it is true that after the election of Donald Trump as president of the United States, the Dollar severely crushed the integrity of the Mexican Peso; I repeat: regardless of whether Donald Trump will remain as president of the United States of America, the price of the asset USD / MXN was going to rise, it was already written behind the scenes … Whenever there is such a violent fall or rise in the price, calm comes, and this pair has not been the exception, since the pair reached 23 pesos at the beginning of 2017, the pair fell sharply until reaching 17.50 in July From 2017, from there, the price has only bounced here and bounced there, currently the price is about to touch a very important floor at level 18.50, given the macro economic and political circumstances that exist between these two countries, it is very difficult for the price to revisit levels like 17,5000 (at least not for now), so we believe that the most that can lower the price in the short term, is up to level 18.50, no more…


This is why we have decided to give this exotic pair a chance and buy it soon, with all of them losing over the Mexican Peso


Our Stop Loss would be at 17.3590 and our Take Profit at 22.00

The current price is: 18.79




Marco Cass

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